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Welcome to Bosön - the heart of Swedish sports training and education
Bosön - Swedish National Sports Complex - is the meeting place for sport leaders, national and international athletes, national teams and clubs as well as for people from other organisations and companies.

The complex, which is owned by the Swedish Sports Confederation, is beautifully situated at the seaside north of Stockholm and has three pro-grammes:

Bosön Sports Centre supports the development of Swedish athletes in a close relationship with the specialised sports federations and the Swedish Olympic Committee. The Sports Centre offers a complex programme for teams and individuals involving psychology, physiology, movement analysis and medicine.

Bosön Education Centre offers those interested in sport unique opportunities for combining sports with studies in a stimulating environment with superb residential facitilies. There are 180 students, half of whom are among the country’s top athletes, studying at Bosön’s Sport College.

The Sports Study Programme provides secondary schooling with specialisation in sports. The Sport Consultants Programme provides a university-accredited course for future sports leaders and administrators. Responsibility for the college rests with SISU Idrottsutbildarna.

In collaboration with the special sports federations Bosön Sports College also provides highlevel programmes for trainers, coaches, referees and other leaders, most of them being voluntary leaders.

Beside these programmes Bosön also runs a wide range of conventions, clinics in specific sports and longer or shorter training programmes in fitness, health, sports management and top sports.

Bosön Conference Centre arranges all kinds of gatherings and events and offers an excellent venue for small executive groups as well as for several hundreds of people.

Bosön - 32 acres of opportunities Bosön is situated in the Stockholm archipelago, only 20 minutes from Stockholm city. Bosön inhabits 3 different conference buildings namned Mästarvillan, Rektorsvillan and Olympiahuset.
Here you can find a range of conference possibilities. Everything from private personal meetings to congress meetings, sport events, festivities and lager events with space up to 3000 occupants.

Mästarvillan is the most genuine conference building with relaxing center, wine cellar, bar and restaurant (with space up to 90 persons) and a terrace with fantastic seaview.

Rektorsvillan is intended mainly for smaller meetings with total privacy. Here as well you have a panoramic view of the sea.
Olympiahuset is our main building which suits bigger events.  All conference rooms are well equipt with modern technique. The building as well as the conference rooms are functional for disabled people.The conference rooms are named after the Olympic cities.

For further information, please call + 46 8 699 66 00 or send an email.

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